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Guitar Introduction

Introduction to the guitar you will also learn some of the basic guitar chords to get you started


Lesson 1

This lesson show you how to understand the concept of two guitar playing in Kompa music and more other techinques


Lesson 2

A four chords pattern rhythm guitar exercises and a chorus solo to practice with music


Lesson 3

This lesson is about Guitar scales.I will show you an  A minor scale and learn a new A minor solo Techniques plus more….


Lesson 4

Introducing Funk Kompa.Learn how to play Funk in Kompa Music and picking mute techniques

lesson 5

Lesson 5

The Rhythm and Guitar Foundation in Kompa Music.Learn 2 more guitar patterns and groove

pedal board

Pedal Board

Understand your pedal chain order and how to set up your effects in a pedal board

A minor solo

A Minor Solo Techniques

Learn a great A minor solo and more…..


Arpeggio and triplet techniques

This lesson its for advanced Guitar player  we show you how to use Arpeggio and triplet techniques

C major progression

C major chord progression

Learn C major chord progression and different combination

C major scale and Pentatonic

C major scale and Pentatonic

This lesson show you the C Major scale Pentatonic and Chord progression and guitar tabs

D major scale andtechniques

D major scale and techniques

This lesson show you the D Major scale and Techniques plus the guitar tabs

Do majeur Pattern groove

C Major Pattern Groove

Learn C Major pattern groove exercises and more…

Do majeur chorus pattern

C Major chorus pattern

Learn C Major chorus pattern groove exercises and more….


Tuning Techniques and Graje

Steps to Tuning your guitar and the Graje techniques

Hammer onSlide a

Hammer on Slide and Pull off techniques

Hammer on Slide and Pull off techniques with a music to exercise it

Guitar String

How to change Guitar String

Learn how to change your Guitar strings the perfect way

A minor solo

A Minor chorus pattern

A other great guitar tutorial about A minor chorus pattern and more…..

La mineur Pattern

A Minor pattern

This lesson its for advanced Player we will show you a great A Minor pattern for exercise your scale

Robert Martino

Session with Robert Martino

Learn the great plunk technique with the legendary Guitarist Robert Martino

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