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Born in New York in 1969, Ralph Condé is a multi-talented artist and has been on the musical scene since the age of 16.  After receiving his first guitar at the very young age of 6, Ralph has worked to perfect his craft and has built an extraordinary reputation for himself as a musician, a vocalist, a writer, a composer, and now a recording studio owner.

His career exploded with the group “Papash” in the mid-80s with 3 best-selling albums with hits such as “Gade Yo”, “Feeling Papash”, “Yon Ti Foli” to name a few.

In 1994, the group Papash reformed into “Vag” with some of the original members.

He has collaborated with numerous artists, both Haitian and Caribbean during their performances or with his compositions.  His talent has taken him all over the world and he has shared prestigious stages in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean with the Group Tabou Combo which he joined in 1996, and the group “Nu Look” in 2004.

Ralph’s compositions can be found on some of Tabou Combo’s repertoire albums like “Reference”, “360 Degre”, “Why Not”, “Sans Limites” and “30 Ans au Zenith de Tabou”. He worked with several artists from the French Caribbean islands such as Eric Virgal, Jacob Devarrieux, and Kassav’.

While in Montreal, Ralph founded the group “Banjo” and released the album and video “Si Tu T’en Vas”. In 2003 he moved to Miami, and soon after he was invited to work with the group  Top -Vice, and performed on their new single “Nou Nan Zone La”. He also sang "Fanm ideal "  on Nu Look album “Still News”. You can also find his work on the latest Nu Look album with “M’anvi Pranw”.

Ralph also has a soloist path and has released an album produced by Henry Debbs with the single “Gwada” which hit it big in the French Antilles.  In 2008 he released the album, “Akoustikreyol” with a more mellow sound, where you will find “Fom Ale”, “Sa Pa Komplike” and "Bluestring with a smooth jazz flavor. He also produced the soundtrack for the Haitian movie “Oasis”.

Ralph's new album Respe released in 2012  is a dazzling travelogue, an exotic overview of Caribbean sounds as he pays homage to Haitian music icons. Those who wish to venture beyond the sterile confines of contemporary American jazz have much to savor here as Conde spices the record with an assortment of Latin and European styles

The Detour album was released in 2022 and is a vibrant sonic journey that blends the infectious energy of Caribbean rhythms, Compas, Zouk the laid-back grooves of reggae, and the pulsating power of Afrobeat. This electrifying album is a celebration of life, culture, and the irresistible urge to move your body.

Ralph currently resides in Miami, Florida where he owns a recording studio open to musicians from all over the world. He looks forward to sharing his talent and expertise with all new artists.  He currently offers an online guitar lesson for those interested in learning Kompa guitar.

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