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Mix & Mastering your Song

Stereo mastering is the final process before a song is released to the public. This is where levels are balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches, and any other problems with the mix are ironed-out. Files submitted for mastering should be in the highest resolution available, and generally in .WAV or .AIF format. Additionally, for the best possible masters, we recommend removing any pre-mastering processing such as limiting, and keeping the highest peak-level of each song at -3dB or less. This allow us enough headroom to best sculpt the dynamics and over-all sound of your songs.

Guitar Track

Ralph Conde is one of the best Haitian guitar player he has played already on many Albums in the Music industry .Let Ralph Conde take your music  to the next level by adding his guitar skill track on your song.

Drum Track

For your drum track session we have all the best Drummer  in the music business available to make your track sound loud and clear.There is nothing like  a real live drum .The tracks will be recorded specifically for your music, making your songs groove harder. And you’ll save a bunch over going the traditional route of booking a studio, engineer, drummer… Let us take care of your Drum track

Give your music a big brass boost. With flexible and competitive rates, you can hire us to provide the world-class brass tracks for your project. We only use the best Horn player in the business to play your track .Dont worried even you dont have the sheet of the music we will do it for you.Send us the song Track and a separate brass keyboard track or a Midi file for the session.

How it works

If  you working with  any computer based DAW:

Set the export markers from the very beginning of your sequence to the very end of your recorded music.

Export or Bounce  your main output  to a stereo File in  Waves or Mp3 Format

you also need to provide the sample rate and tempo of the Song

The sample rate should be the same as your project.

Once you have the audio track ready, just click the “Order your Project ” below which will guide you through the rest of the process. During the submission process, you will specify any necessary info needed and be able to upload your  track. If your song contains tempo changes, you can specify those in the tempo input area or you can upload a MIDI file of your song that would contain those changes.

PAYMENT. You have 2 payment option  PayPal ,Debit or Credit card. After your Payment We will review your File and your order and start working on your track base on the project you choose. we also send  you  a demo first to listen to before we deliver your final track session, if you have any modification or suggestion  we can always do it for you.After your final track will be sending to you by  email.  If you have any question  feel free to call me at 954-394-9101.

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